Provisional National Committee

DiEM25 Belgium has been around for more than a year!

Many of the veteran members know each other well and have applied their talents through our group. They are real warriors: some with words; as philosophers, psychologists, scientists, poets, journalists, writers, social media wizards, and policy officers on the European New Deal, immigration and refugees, or transparency policy papers.

Others took to the streets, had their voice heard, got involved in the fights against TTIP and CETA, the women’s movement, the labour movement, or the civic movement which aims to give us back control of our own cities and communities.

Some members moved on, or are keeping a low profile. There are those who are exhausted from everyday life, or those who have drifted away from DiEM25 because of a lack of activity that relates to them.

Many of us bump into each other again digitally on Slack, Facebook and Twitter, or physically at a café, in the street, or at protests, proving that DiEM25 does indeed bring together like-minded people, even if they do not always stay together.

And of course, we have our dozens of newcomers! Many of them immediately felt at home, others need more time and are probably asking themselves how they can be an active part of the movement.

A good advice to them is: just join us and give yourself and all of us the time to get to know each other. Become familiar with the message and the goals of DiEM25 and then the activities, either those of fellow members or your own, will follow.

In order to facilitate the regrouping of our members, and to organise and coordinate the promotion of DiEM25’s message and activity in Belgium, we have created a Provisional National Committee (PNC). The members of this committee, and the tasks allocated to them, can be found below.

Later this year, we’ll hold an election to install the full National Committee (NC)

As Europe is shattering around us, we need to assess it, compassionately but critically, and join forces to demand the changes it needs to survive!

Join us!

Role Persons Contact
Organising events Erik Edman, Franzis Wimmer, Niels Wennekes Marie Naass (EN, DE) : +49 170 3209140,


Erik Edman (EN, GR, SE) : +32 484 954545,


Davide Castro (EN, PT) : +32 488 034187,


Rosita Allinckx (NL, EN) : +32 496 747072,


Naila Sebbahi (FR, EN, NL) : +32 465 486873,


Joren de Wachter (NL, EN, FR): +32 476 432047,


Dirk Verstraeten (NL, EN, FR) : +32 487 443750,


Claire Delstanche (FR, NL, EN) : +32 496 637211,


Franzis Wimmer (DE, EN) : +32 499 722498,


Guilherme Serodio (EN, PT) : +32 490 435297,

Organising actions and campaigns Guilherme Serodio, Marie Naass, Erik Edman
Coordinating policy work Joren de Wachter, Claire Delstanche, Dirk Verstraeten
Press and Media team Joren de Wachter, Davide Castro
Media Relations Naila Sebbahi, Marie Naass, Davide Castro
Public Relations Davide Castro, Guilherme Serodio
Internal Tool Development Joren de Wachter, Rosita Allinckx
Advocacy support Naila Sebbahi, Rosita Allinckx
Media & Political Monitoring Guilherme Serodio, Claire Delstanche, Niels Wannekes
Building Cooperation Guilherme Serodio, Marie Naass, Franzis Wimmer, Claire Delstanche, Dirk Verstraeten
Social Media Davide Castro, Naila Sebbahi, Rosita Allinckx
DSC Communication and Development Erik Edman, Dirk Verstraeten, Niels Wennekes
Member Communication Erik Edman, Marie Naass, Davide Castro
EU Monitoring Erik Edman, Franzis Wimmer, Marie Naass