Next stop 2019?

On October 27, 2018, DiEM25 members from all over Belgium came together to debate the future of DiEM25 and the European Spring movement in the country and the way forward.

Our Open Assembly, organised by the DiEM25 Belgium National Collective, was a moment of vivid democratic debates. Citizens from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds gathered to discuss the movement’s priorities for next year’s electoral battles. Within an inflexible and encrusted party system, in which even self-declared progressive parties are reluctant to bind together to democratise the European Union [as is the case in Belgium], many members expressed the need for civil society to organise itself in an innovatively different way to achieve concrete results.

Therefore, pending an all-member vote, DiEM25 Belgium will join forces with its European Spring partners and civil society organisations to prepare a common Belgian platform for the European elections. Two lists, the Dutch-speaking electoral college and French-speaking electoral college, with one single, comprehensive, coherent programme for Belgium and Europe!

Since the Belgian branch of Europe’s largest transnational grassroots movement has put a strong emphasis on rethinking the destructive imperative of growth, both municipalism and the commons will be included in the European Spring programme – the first transnational programme for Europe – for our countries, regions and cities.

But it’s not just the policies of the ruling political class that have to change, the way we do politics does too! Collaboration and decision-making processes have to follow suit. By using creative facilitation methods and making every voice heard, participants at our Assembly showed that this new and inclusive way of doing politics is not only possible, but it also produces sound results. With a new organisational structure and pragmatic approaches to policy-making, our electoral wing in Belgium will collectively design its vision for Belgium in Europe.

We have to act from our neighbourhoods to Europe and beyond – to the planet! We have to be fearless and bold, believe in what unites us and work together to make change happen. When our world is falling apart, it is up to democrats, those of us who refuse to give up, to show that there is an alternative to the false choice between the Nationalist International and the failed policies of an incompetent status quo.

Support our campaign for the May 2019 European Parliament elections, join a local DiEM25 group near you or set one up yourself with like-minded people, participate in our electoral wing working groups and attend our upcoming events! Get in touch with us:

An important note: Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming all-member vote on our National Collective recommendation to run in the May 2019 European Parliament elections in Belgium, DiEM25 will continue to follow its double structure: that of a pan-European movement, free from electoral constraints on the one hand, and an electoral wing that is part of the European Spring on the other. The point is to ensure that one strengthens the other. Only a strong movement can legitimise decisions made by a political formation, holding it accountable in the whole political process.