• Amsterdam event (26th of February) — Erik will ask Davide about any news
  • Rome event (25 March) — Marie will book accommodation and Erik and Marie will keep everybody posted as soon as DSC Italy comes back to us — we have to check about making a banner for the march in Rome
  • Brussels event (11-14 September) — let’s plan a big thing! As discussed with Srecko after the subversion event, we should plan the official launch of DiEM25 in Brussels/ Belgium – a good idea could be to connect it with Juncker´s “state of the union” speech he is giving every year in September in front of the plenary in Strasbourg. Therefore a suitable date for he big launch could be September, 14th!
    We have to build a “Brussels-launch-events-subgroup” for the organization and so far, this group consists of Erik, Naila, Claire, Marie and Franzis — anybody interested is warmly welcomed to join of course!
    next/ first steps: this group will meet again on the 9th of March and has to complete the following tasks until then: check venues –  Erik asks Bozar; Claire asks la Madeleine and Hazel; Marie asks Fotini about Yanis availability on September 14 ; Erik asks other DCSs how they did the funding fro the launch;
    During the next GA, we will present our first ideas and concepts to the GA and ask for permission to proceed with the planning;
  • Follow-up from the last events DSC meeting:
    sexy bi-weekly (ask Bettina);
    curieus event: 28th of March;
    esperanzah: we need exact date, who is available during the summer? Can we have a stand? What other contribution could be possible? A band could play ? We could speak about the general basic income?
    citizen´s cabinet — 1st April and we have to attract expats to attend; we need a flyer/ an agenda to share! Bettina worked on it already — Claire can accommodate people! We need a new doodle date, sorry Guilherme!
    University event Cesar — socialist party guy is interested in attending the university event (Cesar knows), but we need Diemers to speak, Joren would be interested in the first one (1 mai) and Erik would be interested in the 14th of June — maybe the dates are not set that wise? Let’s slack Cesar!
  • office in Brussels: more than one person should be responsible; wait fir answer of Fotini concerning the bigger room!