Forging a European constitution for citizens, by citizens

For all the peace and stability it has brought in the post-war years, the European Union has worked as a top-down political project from its very inception. While this might have helped advance the EU at the time, for the most part, it came to a halt in the wake of the 2008 financial crash and the great European recession. And now, Brussels is attempting to administer the status quo without a clear vision.

But imagine an alternative scenario where European citizens themselves could fill this vacuum and bring the European project forward, all the while truly democratising it along the way. What if, instead of growing tired of waiting for Juncker, Merkel or Macron to envisage the future of Europe, citizens could start creating it for themselves? Imagine if citizens in every European nation, region and city would come together to transnationally craft a European Constitution, one single document that would replace all the European treaties by a bottom-up constitution. Seems unrealistic? Well, DiEM25 is doing it.

Until the 2024 European Parliamentary Elections, we will advance a Constitutional Assembly process in cooperation with political parties, civil society organisations and engaged citizens all across Europe. And we will, in case there is no interest, do this without the cooperation of the European institutions.

Admittedly, there seems to be no political appetite for a truly European constitution at the moment, let alone for a federalised United States of Europe. That is why DiEM25 has created policy proposals that not only work for all Europeans and counter the threat of right-wing populism, but also address short-term, medium-term and long-term goals. In the short term, we stabilise the EU with policies that work in the framework of the current European treaties. Next, we democratise the EU by launching our Constitutional Assembly process.

Want to be part of it? Join us!