Reclaim the city: democratise Europe from the neighbourhood

October 11, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Munt 6
1000 Brussels
Reclaim the city: democratise Europe from the neighbourhood @ Muntpunt

At a time where the European Union is becoming paralyzed by flawed democratic designs, courageous cities and citizen movements create new models of working, co-deciding and living together – all over Europe. Cities like Barcelona, Saillans or Naples have implemented tools to put the citizens back to the centre of policy-making.

The upcoming municipal elections in Belgium are an important opportunity to re-think and redefine democracy from the bottom-up. Citizens’ assemblies, sortation as a complement to elections or participatory budgets: they all call for a systemic and systematic involvement of citizens in decision-making to trigger powerful and much needed debates on topics such as housing, mobility or air quality.

We would like to invite you to learn more about these complementary democratic tools that we have today at our disposal, to pose your questions and make your suggestions, and brainstorm ways forward in this strategic and collective questioning of politics as usual.

We believe they could not only contribute to more solidarity, transparency and sustainability, but to redesign how we do democracy and what it can mean to all of us– from the neighbourhood to Europe.

How can citizens, in cities like Brussels and around Europe, work together to reclaim the space they need to design their cities and their surroundings?

How do we move from electors to full citizens?

How do we become fearless and reconnect with Democracy – and with one another?

You don’t know DiEM25? Come to our short welcome session at 19:45!