DiEM25 Belgium General Assembly

The time has come to decide the future of DiEM25 in Belgium. Over the last two and a half years we have worked hard to develop our movement, establishing local volunteer groups in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Liége and beyond. In doing so, we have met hundreds of committed volunteers keen on raising awareness about our goals and ambitions for Belgium and Europe.

But raising awareness is not enough. This is why – one year ago – our members approved the formation of electoral wings. This means that in countries, such as Greece and Germany, where our members believe there are no existing parties that we can support in elections, we will form (as we have done already) our own political parties to compete in elections in order to bring our Progressive Agenda for Europe to a ballot box near you: see MeRA25 in Greece and Demokratie in Europa in Germany. More importantly, forming electoral wings does not mean that DiEM25 will compete in elections everywhere. Ultimately, this is a matter that will always be decided by our members in each country and via all-member votes.

As you know, our focus, in line with DiEM25’s manifesto, has always been to unite progressives everywhere, to mount a common front against the forces that are destroying the very possibility of our common future. So the time has come for us to ask ourselves: what do we do in Belgium?

The May 2019 European Parliament elections will be the topic of our Open Assembly on October 27. To register and receive more information, please contact comms@be.diem25.org.

Now is the time to show citizens everywhere that we are serious about our objectives. We will not let our countries be led by the disastrous status quo politicians who have led us here in the first place. There IS an alternative.