DiEM25 Belgium rises for climate – again

On September 8, DiEM25 Belgium activists joined the #RiseForClimate demonstration in front of the European Parliament. On 6 October, we will be back once again. Despite popular support for stronger climate action, we now see European leaders pushing back against more ambitious targets that would increase the chance of staying within the 1.5°C target set out by the Paris Agreement. This comes at a particularly crucial time when Europe should be moving ahead to bring momentum to the COP24 Climate Conference in Katowice later this year.

This is why we, as DiEM25 Belgium, will again join thousands of other activists in front of the European Parliament, and many others around the globe, on October 6, to demand serious efforts by Europe’s politicians to stop the existential threat that climate change poses to humans, animals and biodiversity on this planet.

But not only that: this year, we formed European Spring, the pioneer coalition of national, regional and municipal political forces from across the continent assembled with a view to bring about change and reconstruct the European Union – bottom-up, transnationally.

European Spring’s ultimate aim is to oppose and disobey the Brussels’ status quo and failed policies, which are tearing the EU apart, and to constructively rebuild a democratic Europeanist project, united behind a commonly-agreed policy programme for Europe. This programme includes a New Deal for Nature, the Climate & Europe’s Green Transition calling for, amongst other things, a pan-European carbon tax, a Green Investment-led Recovery Programme of €500 billion and a new Organisation for the European Green Transition (OEGT) which will consult with local communities, cities and municipalities.

Join us on October 6 from 12-2pm to rise for climate in Brussels. And if you want to be part of a grassroots movement to drive serious change in Europe, join DiEM25.