Call for MEP Candidates in Belgium

It has been decided! After an internal all-member vote, the membership of DiEM25 gave us the green light to take forward our electoral bid for the European elections in Belgium.

We will not run as a political party in Belgium, but as an electoral list in the Dutch-speaking and the French-speaking electoral colleges comprising candidates that endorse the European Spring programme in its entirety.

For this purpose, we created an alliance with Génération.s’ Brussels Committee and LIVRE who we’re already cooperating with at the pan-European level. This is Europe in action! As always, we remain open to other movements and organisations who want to join us in this effort.

The next step for our Belgian electoral wing (BE European Spring / BE Europese Lente / BE Printemps européen) is to hold open primaries for our list of candidates who will contest the European Parliament elections. This means that, if you have a European passport, no matter whether you are a Belgian citizen or not, you can join us and be a candidate!

Just like in our recent primaries in Germany, where we elected German, Greek, Austrian, Croat and Polish candidates to our list, we hope to create a truly European list in Belgium – as it should be for European elections!

That’s why we are now opening up our call for candidates to anyone who’s willing to run in either the French-speaking or the Dutch-speaking electoral college and who identifies with our European Spring programme. The candidate doesn’t necessarily have to be a member of DiEM25, Génération.s or LIVRE. We openly call on members of other Belgian political parties or movements to put forward their candidacy as well.

This open call will open on December 14 and close on January 14. The online election of the candidates will follow from January 15 to January 25.

Do you want to be a candidate for the European Spring in Belgium and enter the European Parliament after the election? Apply here for the Dutch-speaking electoral college and here for the French-speaking electoral college.

Prefer to get get hands-on to help build our campaign in Belgium? Then join our BE European Spring Slack channel and participate in one of our working groups!

If you have any questions, please write to