Call for Candidates for National Collective for Belgium (2017)

Our movement is now accepting candidacies for the following countries’ National Collectives (NCs): Belgium, Italy, Germany and Greece.

DiEM25’s National Committees are the coordinating bodies tasked with important responsibilities, like growing our membership, assisting DSCs, connecting with other like-minded social movements, political forces and civil society organisations, making our movement more visible across the social and political landscape.

As we unfold our ‘electoral wing’, NCs will also prove critical in taking our agenda to ballots everywhere.

But here is what’s key about DiEM25’s NCs: these are not the customary hand-picked, top-down layers of power found in most political organisations. To the contrary: it’s precisely because of our movement’s innovative, truly open and transnational nature, that all committed DiEMers can take part in an NC – regardless of citizenship or country of residence.

This is an opportunity to get hands-on in a horizontal, pan-European initiative designed to push our movement further. It’s hard work too, but this is what we at DiEM25 signed-up for: empowering people to transforming the EU.

We are convinced that our Union will only be democratised and transformed by its peoples and by developing a progressive agenda from the bottom-up. The ruling political and financial elites are certainly not interested in such a transformation. So it’s up to us to do it.

Will you join?

Head over to our site’s Members Area  to learn more about DiEM25’s NCs and how to nominate yourself.

Carpe DiEM!