Belgium debates suspending human rights with migrant search law

Hébergement Plateforme Citoyenne, a spontaneous collective of 30,000 Belgian residents, have for more than a year been helping refugees and migrants left homeless and abandoned by the inefficient policies of the Belgian authorities.

In daily acts that aspire to what in DiEM25 we call constructive disobedience, they feed and provide shelter in private homes for hundreds of people who are in need, but get no support or help from the authorities.

But now, the Belgian government plans to lift the sanctity of the private home, and suspend basic human rights, by allowing police — without a search warrant —to enter the homes of the volunteers who offer those shelters. For the sake of clarity, these volunteers who offer shelter are breaking no laws!

How much more morally and intellectually bankrupt can government policy become, when it attacks the basic human rights of citizens who spontaneously self-organise to solve the problems of suffering and hardship of hundreds of people, caused by that same government?

We strongly condemn these plans of the Belgian government, and call on it to review its defunct and morally bankrupt approach to the refugee and migrant issue. We strongly support the spontaneous collective of “Hébergement  Plateforme Citoyenne”.

Through our members, we are assembling an ethical, efficient, and workable alternative to the badly failing migration and refugee policies of the governments of the EU member states. If you want to help shape Europe’s new policy on this key issue, or campaign against the political degeneration of our continent, join us.

Joren is a founding member of DSC Brussels and elected member of the Belgium NC of DiEM25. He’s a serial entrepreneur and investor in tech startups.

(Photo: Le Soir)