In late 2017, DiEM25 decided to try and bring together an alliance of progressive forces all over Europe to run, for the first time in history, with one common programme in several European countries for the European Parliament elections in May 2019. 

That’s how European Spring came about. Our movement is united behind a shared vision of Europe as a realm of democracy, sustainability, prosperity, and solidarity. European Spring provides an alternative to the choice that Europeans face – between apathy and anger, between technocracy and autocracy, between those who defend the European Union as it exists today and those who wish to destroy it forever.

We will participate in the European Parliament elections in May 2019 with a pan-European policy program, a transnational list of candidates, and a spitzenkandidat.

It will be our party’s first step to take our Europe back and give a direct voice to its peoples in re-shaping the common project that creates peace, prosperity and well-being for everyone in Europe.

There is no time to waste: Join the movement for European Spring — and help to shape the future of Europe.