The Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 (DiEM25) was created to present an alternative to Europeans who wish to maintain the EU in order to change it. We are proposing the healing of our economies through progressive, green investments for the continent, and a constituent process which will lead, by 2025, to the formation of a democratic constitution for all Europeans, making the EU democratically accountable to its citizens. 

The current system cannot be preserved, the nation state cannot successfully tackle the enormous challenges of our future. So join us as we build, from the bottom-up, a Europe that respects the most basic of political values: democracy. Carpe DiEM!

Since founding DiEM25 in early 2016, we have created many local groups all over Europe (DiEM25 Spontaneous Collectives, or DSCs) and national groups that coordinate the work in every country (National Collectives, or NCs). Our Coordinating Collective (CC) stirs the strategic priorities of the movement on the pan-European level. Join us and become part of the first true pan-European movement!