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24/11/2016 6:19 pm  

this is a press release from junker :
it was commented also on the website of belgian tv :

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25/11/2016 5:07 pm  

Transparency can be approached by social responsibility from business civil society. Politicians only think of the re-elections and have ties with interest groups so they are not flexible.
The first decision of Mr. Junker proves what I wrote in the paper (above) politicians are not flexible, they only think of re-election
And the elections are just  in 2019 and yet they're busy with their re-election.


Why does Mr. Juncker this now? Is it because he wants to have the same MP's in the parliament? Is he doing it for himself?
What do you think people will say... they are yet two years in parliament and it is a mess... and now, they will focuse on their re-elections instead of the real issues.
Knowing that, with just Brexit behind and Article 50 in vieuw, nobody nows what to do, because it is all new. Every second is needed to solve an exploded problem in all its gravity. We are looking at a divorce between two people, Brexit (the man) only wants the advantages of Europe (the wife) and then you have the children (the common people of the UK).
This problem needs reflection time, what Europe and the UK don't have, immediately going for any position in this, can be an disaster for later, certainly for the common people and for Europe. But now knowing the MP's are already in election reflex, will not constitute a contribution to an good solution or result.

Anyway... decisions made for the well-payed and austerity for the underpaid, can be made in seconds.....

The second decision: the cooling off period.

18 months was really to laugh, but two years is still too less.

What is it really about?
It is their connections, their network behind the scenes between the financial, business and political world, if you want to freeze this network you need at least a period of 5 or 10 years.

The change from high public office with important political responsibilities and the inside knowledge following there from, is very handy useble for the private sector, its about the direct connections and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the system and politicians.

The same problem occur in ISDS, where laywers of the  ISDS become the very well-payed laywers of the counterparty (the corrupt), they have inside knowledge of  strengths and weaknesses of the system and other laywers.

Also, the same problem occur with the supervisors of the banks, first they work in the bank and them they become supervisors to control that bank.

The question here is why can MP's suddenly received a high position.... was it because they served the interest (lobbying) of the company while he/she was in public office or he/she will serve the interests of the company (by lobbying because of the inside information and political acquaintances) after he/she left the office?

Politicians are elected by the people! 
Or you serve the people or you serve the financial and personal interests, you can't serve them both.

Politicians should be an example for the society but unfortunately they are not!







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