Tech <3 Democracy?! Conducting & Communicating Politics in the Age of Digital Capitalism @ University of Passau
Aug 26 – Aug 27 all-day

Dear fellow DiEMers from all over Europe & the world,

the DSCs Munich and Vienna in cooperation with the political student group GoverNET from the University of Passau are happy to announce a jointly organised conference in the beautiful city of Passau, Germany, on the 26th/27th of August with title:

Tech <3 Democracy?!
Conducting & Communicating Politics
in the Age of Digital Capitalism

it will be, as the name suggests, about DiEM25’s new tech pillar as well as internal and external communication.

If you know you can’t come, DON’T JUST STOP READING. We got you covered! 😉 There will be some participative events which you can join online as well as live-streams of some events so check the programme below!

The programme is planned as follows:

Friday, 25th
Individual arrival at Passau. Possibly organised transfers from Munich airport and/or locals’ city tours upon request. Dinner with everyone who wants to chat & mingle 🙂

Saturday, 26th
10 am: Opening of the conference at the University of Passau

  • Aral Balkan, Java developer and DiEM25’s leading tech activist: The concept of “An Internet of People”

———- 12 am: LUNCH BREAK ———-

1 pm – 3 pm (including small break):  1st round of Workshops

  • Ivan Datko, Systems Engineer and DiEM25 activist (DSC Prague): Chances & Risks of Cryptocurrencies for Democracy
  • Dr. Tamara Ehs, Lecturer at the University of Salzburg: Democracy Repair Café – An innovative approach to political education in the age of the Digital Revolution (PLANNED)

Parallel to Workshops from 1 – 3 pmDiEM Café
Chance to take part in this pre-stage of a new international debating experience in DiEM25: an online World Café. With your computer & if there is enough Wi-Fi bandwidth you can participate. Discussion of the experiment at the following workshop from 3 – 5 pm.

3 pm – 5 pm (including small break): 2nd round of Workshops

  • Fabian Kors, Chief of PR at DiEM25 Germany (DSC Munich): Beyond Schäuble & Smith – New economic narratives for a post-2008 Europe
  • Pedrojuán Rodríguez Girones (DSC Dublin) & Adam Newby (DSC Andalucía): The challenge of grassroots democracy & possible technical solutions

5 pm: short wrap-up of the key points & solutions of the workshops


7.30 pm – 10 pm (including a break): Evening Event with Panel and Q & A

“Tech loves Democracy?! Risks and Opportunities for Democratic Societies in the Digital Age”

  • Aral Balkan, Java developer and leading tech activist @ DiEM25
  • Lars Mentrup, Consultant and local politician of the Social Democratic Party (SPD); “Free Wi-Fi” activist and founder of a working group on Digital Change in Munich
  • Tamara Ehs, Lecturer at the University of Salzburg, Blogger & Activist at “Aufbruch”
  • Workshop Speakers: Presenting key ideas & results of the days’ workshops

Sunday, 27th


10 am – 12 pm (including small break): 1st Workshop

  • Pedrojuán Rodríguez Girones (DSC Dublin)

Internal Communication at DiEM25 – Developing further the structures of grassroots movements

———- LUNCH BREAK ———-

1 pm – about 2.30 pm (including small break): 2nd Workshop

  • Dominik Schlett (DSC Coordinator at the German Provisional National Committee)
  • Lea Wimmer & Fabian Baumgärtner (DSC Vienna 1)

Various questions of practical DSC organisation – Local marketing, legal status, fundraising & networking

3 pm: Official ending of the conference

If you are interested in the event and in further (also travel) information, PLEASE SIGN IN TO THE NEWSLETTER:

Write a short message to Don’t forget to include the following information by copy & paste + cancelling the “wrong” answers:

Name: ______________

DSC/Country: __________________

I hereby register for the newsletter to the event in Passau and am planning to come. Also1. I would like to do a short free city tour by locals on Friday if offered, and at the following time: (YES, time / NO)
2. I am interested in couchsurfing / sleeping on a mattress in Passau with a local host if possible (YES / NO).
3. I am interested in having dinner on Friday evening (YES / NO).
4. I am interested in a possible car transfer / train accompany from the Munich airport on Friday (YES / YES, but only car transfer, no train accompany /  NO).

More info:

Facebook: DiEM25 Germany => event page
Twitter: @DiEM25_DE, @FabK

Web: => forum   / => forum/Join Events

Thank’s in advance and looking forward to seeing all of you guys,

Lea Wimmer (Vorarlberg), Fabian Baumgärtner (DSC Vienna), Fabian Kors (DSC Munich)

Solidarische Einwanderungsgesellschaft: Wer ist eigentlich wir?
Sep 4 @ 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Mehrheit sucht Regierung 3/3

Gesine Schwan, SPD
Katja Kipping, Vorsitzende DIE LINKE
Stephan Lessenich, Vorsitzender DGS
N.N., Bündnis 90/ Die Grünen

Moderiert von N.N.

Soziale Gerechtigkeit ist heute mehr denn je eine globale Frage. Unsere Gesellschaft ist Teil einer weltweiten Ökonomie – und gleichzeitig ist die Welt Teil unserer Gesellschaft. Eine neue linke Sozialpolitik wird sich daher auch auf dem Feld der Migration beweisen müssen.

Der “Sommer der Migration” hat uns erneut vor Augen geführt: Gerechtigkeit ist nicht nur eine Frage des “Wieviel”, sondern auch des “Wer”. Wenn globale auf nationale Ungleichheit trifft, dann entstehen neue politische Konstellationen, dann wird auch unser Koordinatensystem herausgefordert. Dies ist umso brisanter, weil sich an der Frage der sozialen Gerechtigkeit möglicherweise die Wahl entscheiden wird – und auch, ob eine mögliche progressive Regierung ihren Namen tatsächlich verdient.

Also: Wer ist eigentlich “wir”? Was bedeutet soziale Gerechtigkeit heute: eine sanktionsfreie Mindestsicherung für alle deutschen Staatsbürger*innen oder für alle, die hier sind?

DiEM25’s “Real State of the Union” @ Bozar Centre for Fine Arts
Sep 9 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm


The weekend before the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, delivers his official ‘State of the Union’ speech in Strasbourg, DiEM25 will be in Brussels, at the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, to open the lid on the real state of our European Union.

In a unique two-hour event, bringing together politicians and academics, artists and activists, three pressing questions will be addressed:

  • “What is the state of play across Europe today?”
  • “What should Europeanists do in response to the real state of our Union?”
  • “What does DiEM25 propose to do over the next two years, leading to the European elections of 2019, and beyond?”

DiEM25 is working 24/7 to provide awareness, launch campaigns and produce policies to bring about the reforms the EU needs to survive.

We are against the institutions’ business-as-usual: patching up the current arrangement and extending the EU’s agony with “a Europe of different speeds” based on an unjust, unworkable status-quo. Their blueprint, which Commission President Juncker champions, is one that will only fuel the current process of European disintegration and shred the ideals for a common space of peace, prosperity and humanism in our continent.

The “Real State of the Union” rejects that there is no alternative to this path and will offer proposals to resolve the conceptual and structural flaws plaguing the EU.


The event will take place at the Bozar Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels, with DiEM25 co-founders Yanis Varoufakis and Srećko Horvat, and many others leading activists.

Tickets may be purchased from